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Insurance is a great (and essential) tool to de risk your business (and your personal life). This includes both finding the correct policy to ensure you are covered, as well as managing the claims process. Using our expert services, you can be assured of minimal disruption to your business, and most importantly, a timely payout.

Flexible Capital is able to assist with no obligation insurance quotations for:

  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Liability (Professional Indemnity, Environmental)
  • Workcover
  • Motor Vehicle / Asset
  • Farm
  • Home and Contents

Speak to Flexible Capital to find out how you can save money and manage risk through the right insurance policy

Insurance Premium Funding

Does your business recognise the importance of reducing risk through insurance, but cannot absorb insurance premiums in your current cashflow? Speak to Flexible Capital now to consider your options for insurance premium funding. Smooth out the cashflow impact by making repayments on a monthly, or weekly basis.

Are you getting the best deal in terms of service and price from your bank?

Are you getting the best deal in terms of service and price from your bank? Have you considered going out to market to find a different financial institution who will better meet the requirements of you and your business? Speak to Flexible Capital to ensure your loan is the best possible in terms of structure, facilities, service and price.

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