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Agribusiness is a huge component of the Australian economy, and through the adoption of technology and innovation, Australian farming is truly world class.

Flexible Capital is able to assist with agribusiness options for:

  • Agrichemicals
  • Breeding
  • Crop production (farming and contract farm services)
  • Distribution
  • Farm machinery (fixed and mobile assets)
  • Processing
  • Seed Supply
  • Marketing and retail

Agribusiness specialised

Agribusiness-specialised financial institutions provide farmers with financial products, such as business loans, online banking access in rural areas, insurance and credit cards as well as some more specialised services. The purpose of these products are broad, and include property purchases, off farm investments, capital improvements, debt consolidation, and cash flow management.

As the sector is unique, specifically with regards to managing the challenges of uneven income and expenditure, these financial products are tailored to the sector.

If you need additional funding to help finance your farming operation, you may be able to access the financing you need through an agribusiness loan.

Contact Flexible Capital to speak to an Agribusiness specialist – from the land, on the land.

Are you getting the best deal in terms of service and price from your bank?

Are you getting the best deal in terms of service and price from your bank? Have you considered going out to market to find a different financial institution who will better meet the requirements of you and your business? Speak to Flexible Capital to ensure your loan is the best possible in terms of structure, facilities, service and price.

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